10 Tips for Clean Traditional Farmhouse Style

  1. The Farm House look is open and airy.
    1. Vintage.
    2. Welcoming- we live here and you are welcome.
    3. Organize and de-clutter.
  2. Neutral wall colors
    1. Color comes from the accessories.
    2. White is the color of the year!
  3. Warm wood floors and rugs.
  4. Collections:
    1. Baskets.
    2. Dish Wear.
    3. Clocks.
    4. Keys.
  5. Organic materials
    1. Cotton, metals ( copper, steel wrought iron) different woods.
    2. Fresh Flowers, sisal, wool, stone.
    3. Create a barnwood wall.
    4. Wrap books in linen fabric for a more neutral but 3D look.
  6. Choose Locally made  in....Indiana!
  7. Make it useful and make it beautiful!
    1. Furniture that is double-duty- stools that can be used as tables.
    2. Trays used as coffee tables.
    3. Framed chalkboards to write your own message.
  8. Galvanized anything!
  9. Antiques- bring them back out!
    1. Give them new life with paint.
  10. Front Porch Style
    1. The front porch is your first welcome.

Photos courtesy of Rusted Window.