Embracing Change

We’ve all experienced it- we beautifully decorate our homes during the holiday season but when the time comes to put all of the decorations away, our homes suddenly look so bare. And by comparison to the richness of the holiday season- they really do! But the bareness does not have to be a bad thing. Embracing the new year and this time to have a clean slate can actually be very refreshing and a good time to reevaluate. Here are a few ideas of how to take advantage of this time:

Edit, edit, edit

This is a great time to take a step back and edit your home. Do you still like your artwork and accessories? If not, this is the time to try selling them at a home consignment store or simply donating them to someone else who can use them.


After you’ve edited your home and your belongings take a good look at what you have. You may be surprised to find you have a collection of something but perhaps hadn’t realized it as you’d had the items displayed throughout your home. Try grouping that collection together and displaying for a greater impact.


Grouping highlights this clients' sports memorabilia in their lower level and

allows for a great impact together.

Bare Minimum

After editing your home, leave your rooms bare for a few days to determine what you really want to put back in them. Sometimes seeing your room pared down can help you to realize a better layout or a new area to highlight. This is also a great time to paint. Painting your walls is one of the biggest bangs for your buck in any room!


Re-use what you already have in different ways. Do you have some beautiful cut glass jars? Move them to your bathroom and fill them with pretty soaps. Display small pieces of artwork on your kitchen counter and make large baskets do double duty by filling them with throw blankets.
Baskets under this antique baker's table add not only style but serve a
purpose too as they corral blankets, toys and other household items.

Many times stepping back and editing your space can help you to better utilize and love your home! And if you find yourself at a crossroads and not sure how to proceed, calling in a professional for some advice can help greatly. JB Designs can help you with everything from major renovations to a simple refresh of your space with services ranging from design, space planning, decorative fixtures, furniture, accessories, window treatments, decorative pillows and bedding. Contact us to learn more.