Five Friday Favorites: September 21, 2018

I was in Fort Worth, Texas recently, and if you have been to Texas you know there are sights there you will not see anywhere else, really in the world! Here are a few of the sights that have become this weeks Five Friday Favorites.


Bass Performance Hall with unique 48 foot high limestone angels on the outside of the building.


Beautiful mural of the Chisholm Trail! 

IMG-8679 1jpg

Sundance Square, at the heart of downtown Fort Worth, has over 35 blocks of restaurants, shopping and more. Definitely a place to check out!


Fort Worth Stockyards where you can experience the Old West. Each day cowboys drive cattle through the Stockyards- definitely something you don't see everyday!


This is a memorial to President John F. Kennedy across the street from the hotel where he gave his last speech.