Five Friday Tips: Painting

With most of us at home right now some of you may be thinking of doing some painting. I know I have actually heard from one of my clients and that is exactly what they are doing!

Here are a five things to think about before you tackle your painting project.

What color should you choose?

You need to consider if you are painting a room versus the entire house. Sometimes in open floor plans, painting the entire space one color helps to unify it. While in a home with many closed off rooms, you are free to experiment! You should also consider if you need to paint the ceiling or trim. While white is always an option for both ceilings and trim, some are opting to do different colors to add contrast and interest.

What kind of paint should you use?

There are so many paint options! Did you know that some paints are formulated to only being applied north and south, while others cover in any direction. Choosing the right paint will make the project goes much smoother. 

person-holding-paint-roller-while-painting-the-wall-994164 1jpg

What sheen should you choose?

There are many different sheens from flat to high gloss. Most time walls are best painted in a flat or satin sheen while trim is painted with semi-gloss. If you're not sure, ask an expert - an interior designer, painter or paint store employee. Tell them what surface you are painting and ask their opinion on what would be best.

How much paint to you need?

On average, one gallon of paint covers 400 square feet. Sherwin Williams has a great paint calculator you can use to determine how much you'll need. 


Is it a DIY project or do you need a professional?

Some projects you can definitely handle yourself, but if you're looking at a full house painting project or need it done quickly, hiring a pro may be the better option. 

I help client choose their paint colors in color consultations all the time and would love to help you start your next project! Let's start your next project together!