How an Interior Designer Helps Your Renovation Project

With all of us staying at home these days you are probably noticing some projects in your home that you'd love to tackle. Knowing where to start or even how to start can seem daunting. This is where an interior designer comes in. 

It's our job to make your project go smoothly and end with a final product that you love. So what does an interior designer bring to your renovation? 


We save you money!

Your project is #1 for us we invest the time to do the project right the first time. This means working with already vetted contractors and vendors who deliver great results every time. 

A Different Perspective

We look at your space from a different point of view and keep in mind the function as well as the final look. I always tell my clients my goal is that they love the end result.

We're with You Every Step of the Way

We guide you through the project. We get to know you and your family and how you live in your space. There are a lot of choices to wade through out there!


We work with the contractors keeping everyone updated and on the same page. It is important to have a designer on your team from the beginning to help in the planning of your project and understanding the process.

We Bring Your Vision to Life

Designers have the skills to share the client”s vision to the contractors, keep them accountable and everyone happy in the end.

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Ready to tackle your next project? 

Even though a lot of the world is currently on hold, this is actually a great time to start a new project. We can use this time to research options, flush out design and order supplies so that we're ready to go when we can start. Contact me to connect today.