How to Decorate for Winter, Not Just the Holidays

I love Christmastime and decorating my home for this season. But over the years, I've transitioned from decorating for just Christmas to focusing on decorating for winter. If I put the effort into decorating my home I want to enjoy it for more than just one month! While I do put my tree (okay, trees!) away, I leave many of my other decorations up until well past Christmas. Here's a few ideas you can use in your home.


Lanterns are a great addition to a space at any time of year but I especially love them in winter. They look great on mantles, tables or even outside. I've found great options at Target and Ikea over the years and love having a variety of sizes on hand.

Monticello Shop Lanternjpg

Remove the red bows from these lanterns and you can easily have them out year round!

Pimphomee Lanternjpg

Switch out the ornaments and lights for some candles and these lanterns still look gorgeous with the greenery.

Pine Cones

Let nature be your guide for your seasonal decor. Pine cones bring in texture, color and are easy to find. Simply place some in a bowl or basket or look on Pinterest for the many ways you can transform pine cones for your home (garlands, trees, wreaths- so many possibilities!).  

BHG Pineconejpg

Ella Clair Inspired Pineconejpg

How gorgeous are these DIY snow flocked pinecones? Such a simple arrangement that looks so beautiful.


Repeat after me, you can never have enough candles! Candles have no season and never fail to warm up any space. Grouped, stand alone, in a row- the possibilities are endless here! I especially love to use the battery powered candles that have timer as they'll automatically come on which adds such nice warmth to a space.

DIY Annabella Candlesjpg

Such a simple statement: mason jars and candle lights yet it looks timeless and is so pretty as a grouping.

These Four Walls Candlesjpg

I love how this grouping mixes taper candles, jar candles and greenery!


As long as it's not covered in seasonal ribbon and bows, you can definitely leave out your greenery. Again, let nature be your guide here. Add greenery to your mantle, grouped on a table or even as a center piece.

Wayfair Greeneryjpg

Valley and Birch Greeneryjpg