How We Refreshed Our 40 Year Old Home with New French Doors

With all of us home so much more these days we have taken on some projects big and small. One of my projects was replacing our sliding glass doors (that were 47 years old!) with new french doors. What a difference that has made in our family room!

The old sliding glass doors doors were no longer functioning very well but we loved the amount of light they brought in. They were able to be installed in one day and we are loving not only their functionality but how great they look! 

Before: Old Sliding Doors Lacking Function

French Door 1jpg

These were our original sliding doors. We didn't realize how foggy the glass was until the new ones were installed! 

Installation Process

French Door 2jpg

The contractor started with removing the framing from the old doors.

French Door 3jpg

They then removed the old doors entirely and adding new framing to fit the new doors specifications. Our contractor did a great job with this project- it was completed in less than a day! I have so many great contractors I work with and am always so impressed with the quality of their work along with their professionalism. 

Final Product: Functional and Beautiful

Final Product 450pxjpg

The new doors - what an update for a home built in 1973! We've made numerous changes to our home over the 25+ years we've lived here from new floors, counter tops, painting, deck additions and more but this is definitely one of my favorite transformations. 

If you're ready to start a new project in your home, let's schedule a time to talk. I'd love to help you transform your home!