Making Artwork Personal

Adding artwork to your home not only adds a layer of depth, but it is also a great time to add personality to your home. Choosing artwork can be overwhelming which is where an interior designer can help you narrow down the vast selection as well as help you make your home truly reflect you. There are so many ways to incorporate your personality into your home but here are just a few ideas.



In one client’s entryway, we commissioned a portrait of the family’s beloved pet to hang above a  custom French commode. Not only is the portrait the perfect addition to the space, it will also be a piece of artwork that is forever cherished. This is a great way to add a personal touch that at the same time serves as a permanent reminder of your furry family members forever.

Sports Memorabilia


During the basement re-design of another client’s home, the sports collections were organized to show off the collections. Collections do not have to be large- if you have three of something, you have the start to a great collection. This is an easy one to replicate in your home- even framing tickets or photos from a sports event you’ve attended would look great grouped together in matching frames.

Favorite Places


Another client was needing artwork for above an antique baker’s table and found a print she loved while on vacation. She purchased the print and we then had it framed and hung above the table. Not only did it visually fill in the space, but she now can enjoy a print of one of her favorite places. This is a great way to bring a memento of your vacation home with you.


Choosing the artwork for your home is a chance to make it a great reflection of you and JB Designs can help! Contact us so we can help you with your next project and help you to create a home you truly love.