The JB Designs Experience

Whenever I meet with a potential client, my goal is to give them as much information as possible so that they can make a decision as to whether they want to work with me. And I try to get as much information from them as well so that I can determine if they're a good fit for me too! Working together should be a partnership that is enjoyable and beneficial for us both. I want my clients to enjoy the process and love the end result!

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So what can you expect in a first meeting with JB Designs?
  1. We get to know each other face to face.
  2. I get to see the spaces a client wants help with- and I consider it a privilege to be invited into your home! 
  3. Learn the client's likes and dislikes. Patterns and colors remind people of all sort of things - good and bad - and it's helpful to keep those in mind when I'm designing your space.
  4. Who lives in the home? I once had clients who had a beloved cat and we matched their new sofa to match the cat's exact color - details matter! 
  5. How is the space used and how do they want it to function? Just because a room was originally intended to be a formal dining room doesn't mean it won't make a great office. Rooms should meet your needs and be spaces you enjoy being in. 
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From there I take pictures and measurements and then we set a second appointment where I will present my ideas for their space. If you're ready to start a new project, contact me to set up your appointment.