Trimming the Tree

I think a Christmas tree is the main decoration most people think of for Christmas and it’s often a major focal point in your home. To start with you need a tree to decorate whether you get a fresh tree or artificial. If you choose an artificial, don’t feel like you have to spend hundreds to get a decent looking tree. I have several from Big Lots in my own home but have also seen nice trees at other big box stores. 

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering is what will help any tree look its best. When decorating don’t just think lights and ornaments, you can also add ribbon, floral picks, and faux snow that will help to disguise any holes your tree may have. Ornaments are usually the last thing I add to my tree after I’ve layered on everything else.


The More Trees, the Merrier

I usually have three trees set up in my home each year. I have a large tree in the basement and then two slimmer trees on the main level of my home. I place two trees on the main level but on opposite sides of the home from each other so that you can see a lit tree no matter which direction you are coming from. Seeing lit Christmas trees in homes at night is something I love about this time of year. Choose smaller tabletop trees for children’s bedrooms, in your kitchen or powder room. Spread the cheer!