Waco, Texas: Magnolia Recap

March marked the month I went back (after 2 years) to Waco, Texas and saw the Magnolia Market Silos for the first time. The Magnolia Market Silos are the brain child of Chip and Joanna Gaines, who have a very popular TV show, Fixer Upper on HGTV. I love that the Gaines’ are helping to transform Waco into a destination and that it is all centered around interior design! I was hoping for inspiration and I was not disappointed!


A look at the Silos from the inside of the courtyard-no pictures of people, but we were there with at least 1000 of our “best friends”! It was Spring Break in Texas!


First stop was the garden….


Love the sweet “Fairy Garden”.


The Garden Store offered Magnolia pots, watering cans, everything you need to create your own Fairy Garden and "Garden Mama” t-shirts!


This is the entrance to the store (believe it or not we waited about 20 minutes to get in to the store), we were definitely there with another 1000 of our best friends!


This was the beautiful entrance to the store. Inspiration right off the bat!

Let me just say at this point that I think the appeal of the farmhouse, shabby chic, industrial, clean traditional look is the simplistic approach of less is definitely more. The design is more about the different textures, colors, shapes and patterns and here are some examples…

8jpg 9jpg
10jpg 11jpg

And…if you have EVER watched Fixer Upper there is almost always a clock as part of the design!


Of course I brought home the one thing I really didn’t think I would even consider again in my own home (after stripping it from practically every room)…wallpaper! The green and polka dot wallpaper has become my inspiration for my laundry room, which we will talk about that in another blog in the future!

This was a fun trip! We, of course, ate at one of Chip and Joanna’s favorite restaurants and visited one of the soon to be many stores popping up around the Silos. Just goes to show you what some vision, talent and HGTV can do!